How To Recover Super Hidden Files From Pendrive Using Command Prompt

We all mostly use pendrives for carrying data from one computer to another. Your data in pendrive is important to you. Viruses are the biggest problem for the pendrives. Commonly most of the viruses infects through the pendrives. Some of the viruses superhiddens the files and folders in your pendrive and creates a duplicate folder with “.exe” extension.

There are some tools to change the attributes of files and folders to normal folders. Now lets us learn resetting super-hidden files to normal attributes.

Basically we can view super hidden files by changing a setting in folder options.
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If the Folder Options is not available due to the virus infection. You can reset files/folders in pendrive using command prompt.

How To Recover Super Hidden Files Using CMD

  • Plugin pendrive to your computer.
  • Note the Drive Letter of your pendrive. Example: H
  • Open Run by pressing Win+R.
  • In Run box type cmd and press Enter.
  • Command prompt will appears. Type the Drive Letter of your pendrive followed by a colon. Example:  H:
  • Next type: attrib -s -h /s /d *.* and Hit Enter.
  • Note: Make sure that there should be a space after every command.
  • Wait for some time until it completes. Now you can see all the files and folders in your pendrive will be at normal state.

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    4. Thank you very very much. I have been searching ways to recover my hidden filed in the hard disk for many months and could not find any correct way. I am tired of searching in the net, but thank god! i have seen this web site with your correct solution. It really works and I have recovered my important files after many months.

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    7. You forgot the -r option. -r will make the Read-only attribute gone.

      so your typical commands should be,

      attrib -h -r -s *.* /s /d

      rd recycler /s /q

      erase autorun.inf

      erase whatever.bat

      Note: replace whatever.bat with any other complete file name which you have identified after the 1st command. And keep on repeating until you see that all the unwanted files are removed.

      If you see that a file with the same name in every folder in your pen drive, then try (let’s think the fie name is, abc.exe)

      erase abc.exe /s

    8. how much time will it take? mine is 16 gb

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    10. i tried attrib -s -h /s /d *.* it worked… but now the problem is i couldn’t go to the original state as it was before. So, please send me the code for its restate…. sooner… waiting for your reply..

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      Krishna Chippa, What to do when you plug in your pendrive in to the computer and prompts you to format it first before you can use it again?

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      but pblm is da drive hides dem frequently

      • Then you need to clean your computer from viruses, use a good antivirus. Try Microsoft Security Essentials, if your windows is original.

      • Yes, as Bharath said it is happening due to virus infection on your computer. So you have to scan your computer with antivirus software and remove all the viruses. Your problem will get solves.

        Thanks Bharath for Making comment here.

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      hey i hv done the command process but the problem is it appears unhidden for a few seconds and thereafter it becomes hidden again….wht should i do? Thanks in advance

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      My problem is when I put this infected pendrive in USB slot drive appears but not able to open the same as if typed G: and enetered, it shows enter disk in drive … cancel, try again or continue. What to do? please guide

    28. i have problem in my hardisk, after format i couldn’t see my files, it’s taken the space, but i can’t see it, it’s just not exist !

      do u have any idea about what should i do …

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    48. attrib -H -S G:\*.* /S /D /L

    49. it shows ‘attrib’ is not recognized as an internal and external command,operable progrm or batch me wt to do with tis?

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